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ListingPro - GeoLocation listings

🌍 ListingPro GeoLocation Plugin!

Our latest plugin designed for the ListingPro theme is here to elevate your listings with geolocation capabilities! πŸš€

With ListingPro GeoLocation, you can effortlessly showcase listings based on user geolocation using the powerful IP API service.

Key Features:
πŸ“ Display Listings Dynamically: Show listings tailored to user locations, enhancing user experience and engagement.
πŸ™οΈ Flexible Widget Options: Customize section titles and descriptions based on listing availability in the user's city.
πŸ“ Select Perimeter: Choose the radius for geolocation filtering, ensuring precise results.
βš™οΈ Unit Selection: Switch between kilometers and miles based on your preference and audience.

On the backend, our plugin integrates seamlessly with Elementor, offering an intuitive interface to manage settings effortlessly.

Enhance your ListingPro experience today with ListingPro GeoLocation Plugin and deliver personalized listings tailored to your users' locations! 🌟

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